Smart City

1. Road Weather Information System (RWIS)

A Road Weather Information System (RWIS) is a specialized network of sensors and monitoring equipment deployed along roadways to provide real-time data on weather and road surface conditions. RWIS helps transportation agencies, road maintenance crews, and travelers make informed decisions to enhance safety and efficiency on roads, highways, and other transportation routes

Overall, a Road Weather Information System plays a crucial role in enhancing roadway safety, minimizing weather-related disruptions, and improving the efficiency of transportation networks by providing timely and accurate information on weather and road conditions to road users and transportation agencies.

2. Smart Manhole Cover (SMC)

Smart manhole covers are innovative solutions designed to enhance the functionality and safety of traditional manhole covers found on urban streets and sidewalks. They incorporate various technologies to provide additional features and benefits beyond the basic function of covering access points to underground utility infrastructure such as sewer systems, stormwater drains, and utility tunnels.

Overall, smart manhole covers offer a range of benefits, including improved infrastructure management, enhanced public safety, reduced maintenance costs, and more efficient operation of underground utility networks. By leveraging advanced sensors and communication technologies, these innovative solutions contribute to the development of smarter, more resilient cities.

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